Use of HTC VIVE Virtual Reality-My Experience with Google Earth VR, and Google Tilt Brush

The use of virtual reality in the classroom motivates students to explore fantastic new worlds where their only limitation is their imagination!


Naturfag lærer Per Olav Verås fra Kvinesdal

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I have created a video today exploring three programs I use with the HTC VIVE virtual reality platform. While one of  the programs is free, and is available for HTC VIVE, (GOOGLE EARTH VR) the other, TITANS OF SPACE, is also free, to the best of my knowledge, and available for the lower cost VR platform from google, known as GOOGLE CARDBOARD.

BOTTOM LINE: GOOGLE EARTH VR and GOOGLE TILT BRUSH are MUST HAVE APPS if you are interested in exploring the LIMITLESS possibilities of Virtual Reality. They will AMAZE you.

Link to Video:

What is truly amazing is the fact that virtual reality can be used in the lower grades, in the grade schools, across many subject areas, with students as young as 10 years of age. I have given a number of demonstrations using amazing apps such as theBLU, where students are in a giant under water aquarium, and TITANS OF SPACE, where they fly in a rocket ship to Jupiter, and everywhere I go I get the same reaction. Wow! (Dette er kult!!!!)   

I have visited schools here in Kvinesdal, and demonstrated how I use virtual reality in the classroom. And everywhere I go both teachers and students are amazed!

In the older age group I am careful to define my objectives before I introduce VR in the classroom. It is easy for VR to become a distraction if care is not taken before hand in defining how exactly you will incorporate VR into your lesson plan.

What is interesting in my experience now using virtual reality the past year is the fact that it enagages ALL the students, not just the one sitting behind the glasses! It is as much a tool in motivating other students to participate in the exciting, colorful, mind expanding experience.

I purchased GOOGLE TILT BRUSH and use it on the htc vive. For example, I create models of human cells, and inspire my students to create their own models. From the textbook they gather the necessary information and then they are set to create their own models. 

I have worked as a science, english, and art teacher in Norway the past several years. I purchased HTC VIVE this past summer because I felt my art students would benefit by using such amazing apps like google tiltbrush. What I discovered was a whole new world of exciting possibilities that crossed over from art to science, where, for example, I was creating models of nerve cells using TILTBRUSH.

I am of Norwegian parents, and grew up in a big city competitive educational environment. I am from New York, and believe Virtual Reality is a great platform for Norwegian students to engage internationally with like minded students who see virtual reality as a key in learning science and technology on a whole new level.   

For individuals seeking a less expensive platform there are many, many opportunities now. HTC VIVE is most definitely in my view BEST IN TEST, but I have not tested other platforms that allow you to control and interact with your environment like the HTC VIVE.   

For more information about htc vive  visit the following links:


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